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Laws on owning handguns

Posted this under different category as well but then saw this one and thought it might belong here.

I started a petition on the white house website to set the age for owning handguns to 18 for all states. I know that currently the states decide but here in NY it is 21. I hate this becasue i will be turning 18 in december and I dont want to have to wait 3 more years to obtain my permit. Also the Federal governemnt prevents FFL dealers from selling handguns to anyone under 21. I need to get the 150 signatures so it will be displayed on their site and i feel this Forum is a great way for gun owners to work together to defend our second ammendment and to gain invaluable knowledge from other gun owners. here is the link. Please take time to check it out. This means a lot to me as I am a strong believer in the 2nd Ammendment and a proud member of the NRA.
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