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If I ran a gun store, I'd most likely keep -ONE- of each model (if all the features and details were the same) in the display and keep NO MORE anywhere within view. I'd not offer customers the option to buy one that isn't in the case.

NOT because I want to screw the customers
NOT because I don't want to give the customers what they want
DEFINITELY NOT because the display gun is beat up
...simply because you'd end up left with a display gun in every single model that you sell and any ding or handling mark it's ever even had the chance to get will just add up all on the same pistol. Eventually, you -will- be attempting to sell some kind of gun that is nearly used, though it's "officially" new and NOBODY wins there, especially the gun store.

In this particular case, we are talking about a Ruger P-95 here. This gun is a claw hammer, it's not something that will ever be handled with white gloves. As a utility piece, it's a fantastic tool. I own one and for the life of me, I can't see the point in spending money on another. If I were in the market to buy one, it having been a display model is completely and entirely inconsequential, IMO. But opinions vary, certainly.

It would make my top ten list for ugliest full production, mainstream guns. (in other words, wacky relics like a Dardick or Gyro-Jet wouldn't be eligible for the list)
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