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Originally Posted by wyoredman
8%! Ouch, thats steep! I thought 4% was bad!
Yeah. It sucks. They have these commercials now with our illustrious governor and businesses who supposedly just moved into the state and they're saying "No other state could do for us what NY State did!"

I always thought, how is that possible? This state is an awful, AWFUL, AWFUL place to do business... and then I started thinking like a politician, you have to lie by implication while telling the truth with words...

Sort of like if you're running a business and the mafia makes you pay 50% protection tax. They come in one day and tell you they're lowering the tax to 49% and you're going to make a commercial for them. You can honestly say "No other organization could do for me what the mafia did!" because no other organization was charging you a protection tax in the first place, obviously no other organization could LOWER the tax, so you're being totally truthful in words but lying by implication.

Same thing here in NY.
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