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Got tired of waiting for your input Steve, About time!

The 10mm has a harder knock down power because I have killed many large animals (deer) with both. I have ACTUALLY seen the effect of both rounds with field dressing and butchering the animals afterward. Real field experience trumps any figures in a book because deer can't read. Even most all professional hunters put the 357magnum in a marginal category for hunting deer and reomend a 10mm or 41magnum as a better choice. The 10mm kills faster. Nuff said.
How many is many? While real world experience definitely accounts for something but if I take a coin and flip it 10 times and it comes up heads 7 outta the 10 does that mean the coin is skewed towards heads? What about if I flip 100 and it comes out 55 outta 100? It may take 1000's upon 1000's of tosses to get the real average which of coarse is 50/50. Sorry to say that odds are your kills aren't nearly a large enough sampling to prove much. That's the problem with ALL cartridge analysis'. Also we/I/you have no idea if your were using the worst possible choice for the .357 and the best for the 10 or vice versa. That's why you have to take analysis and toss in some ballistics and add a good dose of common sense. Fact is if you nail a bear in the noggin with either using proper bullets it's gonna be a tie, plunk that same bear in the foot with either and it's a tie. IMO, not enough difference even with questionable hits and it comes completely down to platform preference.

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