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I have both a 10mm (custom Glock G20L) and 357mag (Uberti SA Cavalry) and can tell you that out of longer barrels, G20L at 6" and Uberti at 7.5", a hot loaded 10mm produces slightly higher velocities even shooting a heavier, larger diameter bullet.

My chrono testing results at 6,100ft asl and 84° day show:

My 158grn Zero JSP 357mag with 16.5grns H110 (max Hodgdon load) shot from my 7.5" SA Cavalry pistol produced 1,382fps and 670ft/lbs ME.

My 165grn Speer Gold Dots with 10.0grns Power Pistol (max Alliant load) shot from my 6.0" custom Glock G20L pistol produced 1,503fps and 827ft/lbs ME.

Both calibers benefit from being fired out of long barrels, both produce significant performance, and both are very powerful rounds but the larger diameter, heavier 10mm bullet traveling 120fps faster produces considerably more muzzle energy. In addition, the custom ammo makers have super hot ammo that produces even more of an advantage for the 10mm when both are shot from a 6" barrel. Add to this that the Glock carries 3 times the ammo on board and the advantage to the semi auto is significant.

Further, the design of a semi-auto pistol vs a revolver, whether single or double action allows for significantly faster followup shots because of it's superior grip shape, considerably lower bore axis, and in the case of the Glock, a flexing polymer frame. These 3 differences work together to dramatically reduce both the muzzle rise and recoil impulse on the wrist and grip which reduces felt recoil dramatically.

I carry my SA Cav when in the field with my 357mag leverguns. When just hiking in the Rockies or when hunting, I carry my custom G20L with the magwell removed and 17+1 rounds of 200grn Hardcast as protection against any threat.


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