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Dropping a firearm is operator error...and that still doesn't explain how the guy shot his hand with a J-22. The J-22 is not some kind of AOW, oddball firearm that has the barrel hidden in any manner (ref. GRAD knife). How does hand get in front of the barrel of a loaded firearm??? Somebody ACCIDENTALLY put it there - it's the only explanation, and yes, that is in itself user error.

I suspect that what happened was the guy who shot his hand was trying to get the gun apart before clearing the chamber and checking to see if it was loaded. And, in the process the firing pin was released on a loaded gun. I have disassembled my J-22 many times. If you disassemble a J-22, I'd bet you would quickly figure out the mistake the guy made who shot his hand.

Hey, I have over 20 years of owning, shooting, disassembling and cleaning a J-22. That's probably more than most gunsmiths! The bottom line is that I am not suggesting that anyone run out and buy one of the many versions of the J-22. But, not all J-22's are the same - they have been in production for something like 30 years. Their weaknesses tend to be (1) the safety, (2) the extractor spring, (3) the firing pin. I have actually had more problems with my Ruger Mark II than with my J-22. There are parts in the Ruger Mark II that, when dirty, cause the gun to only fire intermittently when you press the trigger, (click click click BOOM click BOOM click click click BOOM - you get the idea) and these parts are near impossible to get to or see without a complete stripping.

PS: My J-22 has outlasted a Taurus PT-99 I once had by about 19 years.

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