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Im pretty new to it as well, so i am paranoid and weigh every 5th to check, also have another check, when i first started, i was extreamly careful to make test loads to find the sweet spot load for my 9mm, once i found it i again being extreamly careful to triple check each round, even went so far as to weigh all of them, made a box of 50, and set them in the tray, then put that tray on my digital scale to weigh the entire thing, wrote that and the finished correct bullet weight down and taped it to the scale for handy reference, now as i finish a box, i use the exact same tray to make sure it isnt in the equation, and weigh each box to make sure nothing is off, if the weight is off plus or minus, i check each bullet to see what is up.

doing that has saved me having 2 unloaded and 1 double loaded round in the few months i have been doing this.
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