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To clarify, you feel it is better if untrained personnel wait for the cavalry?

Yesterday, near Kansas City, a man tried to abduct a 13yo girl from a school bus stop. He came up on her from behind, clamped a hand over her mouth, and started dragging the girl toward the woods.

A mother who had just dropped off her child saw this happen. She drove toward the man, screaming at him to get away from there. The man released the girl and ran into the woods. Last I checked, the manhunt is still on.

This woman could not know if the man had a knife or gun; for all she knew, he might have been able to pull her from the car and beat or strangle her to death.

She had a child; the girl being abducted was not hers.

The woman was untrained. Should she have done nothing?

Some might suggest she should not have intervened, but should have called 911 and been "a good witness."

The way I see it, had she done anything other than what she did, we would probably have a raped, or even murdered girl.

And, the way I see it, that woman is exactly the sort of neighbor I want to have, and exactly the sort of neighbor I want to be.
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