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My brother has a Lee turret. I just bought a Hornad LNL Ammo Plant. Some of the price difference is probably the brand name, some will be quality as well, and throw in some warranty. I went with Hornady for a number of reasons, the whimsical International Red vs John Deere Green, to the Lifetime Warranty vs 2 Year limited...

I could have created my own Ammo plant in RCBS, buying their case and bullet feeders, but that would have cost more than the Hornady version for a worse warranty. In the final results though, from what I've heard about other brands of things I use, and whatnot, I get the impression that a setup following the coat of many colors approach may end up being best. I've heard a preponderance of better things about the Pro 2000 and it's priming system over the Hornady Ammo Plant, and I've heard better things about the Hornady powder thrower, than my experience has been with the RCBS one I'm using now...

Read reviews on purchasing sites, watch Youtube videos of the things in action, Youtube reviews if you can find them... If you can find them set up in a store like Cabelas, try "Dry firing them" by indexing an empty press and watching the various stages that are hardwired into the press, like primer seating...

Edit: And I realize turret =/= Progressive and will be its own price increase, just meant that I've used Lee quality, and found it fine in their turret.
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