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First, that last post of yours was more what I would expect from you. Thanks, it was informative and much less overbearing.

Second, not everybody has access to counseling services. Not everybody who has access would necessarily think to avail themselves of it. Some just wouldn't know; others would fear stigma, or problems at work.

The military has put a lot more focus on treating PTSD - though some senior medical officers apparently were routinely denying claims, with an eye on budgetary concerns over mental health. The military has also become much more proactive about suicide prevention - out of perceived necessity, due to relatively high rates.

So treatment plans exist, but those in need may not know about them, or may be afraid to use them, or may be discouraged or prevented from fully utilizing them.

Even if the person in need does get into treatment, recovery is not guaranteed.

Recovery may mean different things to different people, too.

Thirty percent, as fractions go, may not be huge but is hardly insignificant.

Rifleman1952 raised the issue of divorce. That is a good point. Glenn, in your experience what is the effect on likelihood of divorce when a child dies? How is this impacted when such death results from negligence on the part of one parent?
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