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other then what has already been mentioned, the only other thing i can add is, and unfortunitly this isnt going to be a cheap option, but it just might work.

you know those pore strips you can get for your nose that pull out all the blackheads, basically they are a adhesive on a piece of cloth, you could try those, or something like a hot wax that pulls out hair.

not going to say either will be comfortable, but both are going to remove a couple of layers so skin and anything in it.

and at least what happened to you was an accident, i have seen some epic levels of stupidity at the range over the years.

The one that will always stick in my mind is a guy that had a muzzle loading 6 shot pistol, it was pretty much like mine so i knew the first time i saw it happen what he was doing and promptly reported the extreamly unsafe behavior. he would load 5 of the 6 chambers, and not put on the grease that seals them to keep them from going off all together, then he would fire it and the one lined up with the barrel and the 2 on either side would all fire at the same time sending the barrel bullet down range and the side ones out at 45 degree angles from where he was standing.

he got kicked out of the range for doing this, and apparently when i reported him, it wasn't the first time, he had already been kicked out, and one of his friends who was also a range member brought him. a month passed and i didn't see him again, until i was pulling up to the shooting area one day, just as he fired that pistol again, and this time, it cost him 3 fingers and his thumb, and his friends not only got kicked out of the range, but also got to dig bits of revolver cylinder out of there torso, arms, and legs.

i'll take a responsible person who has an accident, even one that could have been prevented had they not had a brain fart, over an idiot any day, my only question is, did this person learn from what happened, or is he still doing stupid things like that.

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