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Seating depth for .45 ACP 230 gr RN

Good morning everyone! I want to get everyone's opinion on seating depth for .45 ACP. I'm using Hornady 230gr RN and according to their website it shows an OAL of 1.230 in. A friend and I have reloaded 230 gr before and we used an OAL of 1.270 in. I even called Hornady tech support and the technician was very adamant about seating the bullet to 1.230 in. So, I followed his advice and loaded 20 rounds. I have only shot 5 so far and no issues. The only thing I noticed is that at the depth is seemed like the cases were slightly bulging out from where the bullet was seated compared to the case below that point and my concern was will it be a safety issue. My question is will it make a big difference in safety, accuracy, etc. if I decide to seat the bullet a little shallower lets's say at 1.250 in or even at 1.270 in like I have used before? I checked my Lyman 49th edition and it says 1.275 in for 230 gr. If anyone can shed a little light I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance!

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