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First thing........ don't reload for guns used strictly for hunting. I maybe fire 100 centerfire rounds at game a year and even though I have the reloading equipment now, if I had it to do over I'd of just bought factory stuff.

Next is what I try do today...... Handload don't reload. Quality vs. quantity. Experimentation and learning vs. bulk reloading. Yes, bulk reloading is a necessary evil for somethings but I'm ready to toss the powder measure in the junk box and go strictly with a scale and funnel. I like accuracy, I like developing loads to add versatility to my guns (small game vs. plinkin vs. full power hunting vs. target loads), I like testing, etc etc. I'm buying all sorts of stuff I lived without for decades. Case trimmer, a powder tickler, calipers, a chronograph, heck maybe even a tumbler. I really like the "keep better notes" advice. Can't stress that enough. Really gonna concentrate on loading the best ammo I can not the most.

If the only enjoyment you get out of loading is cheaper ammo to burn you're missin out on any of the fun.
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