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The rifle answered some questions for me

Shot this morning before work to get a reasonable deer hunting zero. The fella who set it up for me did an awesome job bore sighting it because I never even touched a scope dial.

I first shot at 25 yards to see if I was on paper. I was dead on at 25 yards. One round and said ok time to go to 100. The gun is just about an inch and a half high at 100 yards just as suspected. Backed off to 50 and we are dead on at 50.

So basically the rifle is at a 200 yard zero from what I can tell and is dead on within a hundred.

I will obviously shoot way more often however this will get me back in the woods.

My only quam with this rifle is the bolt sticks just a little. I figure that will work loose.

What I did not find that I was expecting to was a terribly unusable trigger that required heavy equipment to move. I find it to have a fine trigger. Not the best I've ever used but no wores than alot of other rifles I have shot.

I am not spoiled by their famed accutrigger as I have never shot one so perhaps my expectations are more in line with reality.

Regards, Vermonter
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