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Talk to your optician and explain where you need to have the lens focused. I have been fighting this problem for years and finally had to have a pair of glasses made that gave me a sharp focus on the front sight while leaving the target slightly out of focus. They were only used for shooting. I held a card with fine print in my shooting hand taped to a ruler that placed it at the same distance as the front sight on a 5 in gun. Trying to use a bifocal lens that forces you to tip your head back is unnatural and will cause problems in your neck. (trust me on this) Having a sharp focus on the front sight is what you want. The human eye can only focus on one focal distance. It cannot resolve a focus close and far at the same time. People with perfect vision will see the front sight in sharp focus and the target fuzzed out. This is normal. Concentrate on the front sight. Now if you're trying to hit a small target at very long ranges you are pretty much out of luck using open sights. This why scopes were developed.

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