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Shooting glasses

I am trying to figure out the best solution for shooting glasses. I use reading glasses for reading. With the readers I can see the front sight correctly but the target is very fuzzy. Without the readers I can see the target well but the front sight is fuzzy. I have tried some nice shooting glasses with built in magnifiers, but they cover the whole glasses area. I can't tell what Im hitting unless I remove the glasses after each shot or wait until I'm done and then see the results. Obviously this keeps me from correcting my shots to fine tune. I've tried come glasses that have readers built into the bottom area of the glasses. These are good but I have to tilt my head back to see through the reader part. The ideal solution would be to have the readers take up about half the glasses area so I could just adjsut up and down a little to either see the sight or the target. Have any of you who share this dilemma found a good solution?
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