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There are no calibers which will not cause hearing damage if fired without protection. I spent many years working on flight lines around jet engines and watched a LOT of guys lose their hearing. Every one used to tell me that the noise didn't really bother them before they did the damage. It has nothing to do with your perception of how loud it is. It is too loud. Our hearing was tested monthly and plotted on a graph. You could look at the graph and see the loss over time. I always wore protection and it kept my hearing intact. Once the damage is done it is permanent. Ironically I now have tinnitus so severe that some nights I can not go to sleep because of the constant shreiking in my head. Some people have been driven to suicide from the constant roar. My tinnitus was not caused by exposure to high noise levels but from a neurological disorder and injuries from a car wreck. I considered suicide at times. The doctors said they could completely sever my auditory nerves and it would not make any difference. Do everything you possibly can to protect your ears. I would give anything to be able to experience total silence once again. Anything.

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