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For Handguns, Ive had great sucess with the .45ACP 230gr RN @ 4.5gr of Alliant Bullseye with a CCI #300 primer and an OAL of 1.265". Theyve been very accurate and consistant.

For Rifles, I havent made anything beyond .223/5.56NATO. I have had great success with this round. Specifically, I use a 62gr M855 FMJ-SC @ 25.0gr of Hodgdon H4895 with a CCI #450 and an OAL of 2.255". This load has worked wonders for me. Its surgically accurate and devastating if youre on the receiving end of it!!

Hope this helps anyone, if there is something you can share with me to improve these loads, Or maybe share a load that Im planning on getting into, Im all ears!!

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