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TP-70 .25 cal.

Hi, gents, I'm new here because I need the assistance of you the experts.
I have a semi-auto in .25 cal, SS, magazine is 6 rounds.
I am able to hit an 8" gong at 15 yards all the time, if I do my part.

Searching the internet I found that a Budischowsky TP-70 is exactly like my gun. So is the Norton.
The thing is, the slide is stamped American Arms Inc., Provo, Utah, TP-70 .25 cal. and I could not find a thing on schematics nor instructions.

What I am looking for is how to assemble/disassemble this jewel of a gun.
Does any of you know anything about TP-70?
Any help will be greatly appreciatted.
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