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Trophy doe in Maryland

I hunt from a climbing treestand with my friends in Maryland nearly every weekend. Typically, I climb 15 to 20 feet above the ground to see clearly yet be unseen by deer. Deer rarely seem to look up.

I'd barely settled into my stand. It was 6:30AM. The post dawn greyness had not yet left the forest. Suddenly, this doe came in on my right, then turned and walked directly in front of me. Distance was approx 40 yards or so. I bleated to stop the animal and lined up my scope sight on the chest as I squeezed the trigger. My Mossberg 12 gauge slug gun belched flame and smoke as the shot blasted through the forest. The doe acted as if struck by Thor's hammer and dropped instantly. The heavy sabot bullet did its job!

Weight after field dressing is 71 lbs - an average sized mature doe. We like to serve trophy doe with potatoes and gravy, carrots and onions. The real trophy is on the dinner plate!

I'm thankful to our Lord Jesus for providing this fine animal to us.

NOTE: This hunt took place at Aberdeen Proving Grounds where seasons, bag limits, and regs are different than off post. The hunting is heavily regulated and managed by US Fish & Wildlife Service and not by state of Maryland.


Fire up the grill! Deer hunting IS NOT catch and release.

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