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AR novice

I have no experience with the AR platform, never even fired one of them. The .223 and similar seem to me to be quite weak. I found an ad for DPMS LR-308 new, on sale for $1000.00. "16" Carbine Optics Ready".
Trying to sort this out, this probably means that it has no sights and must have scope added for sighting. I think that the barrel is a bit short. Probably a 20" would offer better ballistics.
Please offer your thoughts and suggestions.
Is the DPMS about as good as is available in this price range? Something else offer better value even if a bit higher priced?
I do have an old 308 bolt action and a 30-06 bolt action plus a regular 30-06 semiauto rifle, so these calibers are not new to me.
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