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Dr Rich
I'll normally get one dry fire a week right after cleaning. Its a Savage Mark II. I cringe every time too. But I'm OCD about having a cocked gun. Maybe someone can tell me its ok to leave my 22 cocked after I clean it and put it
Its not necessary to dry fire my Savage MkII in order to lower the striker. Just pull the trigger as you ease the bolt forwards and turn it home, the cocking cam does the rest.

My Savage does not have the Accutrigger, so if those triggers have some effect on the normal operation then things might be different.
Few if any turn bolt rifles require dry firing to lower the striker.

I've repaired a dozen or more handguns with firing pins damaged by dry firing. Excessive dry firing can also wear away at the opening in the breech face of both handguns and rifles. Excessive clearance of a worn firing pin hole, coupled with upturned edges of the hole, can result in blown primers with a disc like piece of primer cup driven into the firing pin hole.
This can cause breakage of the firing pin shaft with the broken shaft and cocking piece driven out of the bolt to impact the shooter's face.

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