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If you're benchresting a pump shotgun with the bare/unsupported forend resting on the front rest, the body's natural reaction to the recoil of a fired shot (forward/against) would be plenty of travel to run the barrel/action forward past the stationary/planted forend (extracting & ejecting), driven by the shooter's shoulder - then when the recoil's over & the body returns backwards to normal position (pulled back by the shooter's tightly-grasping trigger hand), dragging the barrel/action with it, the next round would then be lifted & chambered as the gun passes over the still stationary forend.

All of the above can easily occur in those few tenth's of a second of recoil duration.

Shotguns, especially pumpguns, should not be benchrested, w/o a human body part between any part of the gun & a rest.

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