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Eye dominence rules, no matter what the sighting system.

He needs to either close his dominant eye or learn to shoot right-handed.(or take an expensive 3rd option)

FWIW, my right-handed Son was leaning over the comb of rifles to sight @ 9 y.o. - which is when I found out he was left eye dominant. ( I did a sighting test on the spot)

Since he was young, it was a fairly short process to switch him over to shooting left-handed, although he does everything else right-handed.
I have no doubt the process would be a lot longer/harder for an adult set in their ways.

Then, and now (37 years later), he prefers ambidextrous guns - leverguns & semi-autos - to boltguns, for convenience of operation.

Jes' sayin'

BTW - The above mentioned 3rd option would be to either mount the scope offset waaaay to the right of the action C/L to align with his right eye (ugly), of get the stock bent (just as ugly) .......


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