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...I have a Ruger MKIII and a Colt (umarex) 1911 in .22lr. The Ruger is a much higher quality gun and more accurate, but I find I shoot the 1911 a lot more, Ij is just more fun

If you are anything like me, you often get the seemingly "invariable" question from your shooting pals of "How's that Zamak slide holding up..."? So far, what's your impression regarding the Colt (Umarex) longevity...?

Like you, I have a 1911-22 (GSG) and it's an absolute hoot to shoot--actually given ammo expense nowadays it's a very good trainer for the .45acp 1911 in almost every way including size/weight/feel/look etc. I figure if I can get 10-15K downrange prior to needing any new parts the pistol has paid for itself if you consider the ammo savings (I guess for reloaders it's not an issue). Thus far, no problems after 5K downrange--Amazing how quickly one can shoot K's of .22lr without realizing it!
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