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I have to say, I really do like the idea of the .280. If it had been invented 1st over the .270 and was the common ammo on the store shelf, I would have the .280 instead of the .270. And the bullet selections is "astounding". I guess using that argument, I should get a 30-06 (it is on my to-buy list by the way). But also on my "really don't need" list.

Really do like this 7mm-08 I bought. Took it out and shot factory 140gr CL and it shot ok, maybe 1.25 moa. It is well withing minute of deer though and I have begun carrying it hunting already. The first batch of handloads gave better results, got to go back to the range and try out some more loads as soon as I can get there. I really didn't expect much drop in recoil but after shooting the 7mm-08, I shot my .270 and there was a very noticeable difference in recoil. More than expected. I think I am going to fall for this little gun. It is by the way a Mossberg 100ATR Bantam with 20" fluted bbl. It is the youth model, but it came with a 1" spacer for adult use. The youth model was the only 1 with a 20" bbl which is what I was looking for. I guess you could call this Mossberg's "mountain rifle". It is light at 6lbs. $300 brand new out the door.
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