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Peetza-- Thanks- I would not say it is the exspensive model,but all in all real nice. It has the Accutrigger on it. Savage or Scheels has them on sale this month for $499.00 any caliber in that model. I plan on using it for one of my Yote rifles this year. 3 weeks ago i picked up a 243 in the Axis ( cheap) model and am very impressed so far with the accuracy with 85 gn serria in it. ( Told the wife that was going to be my Yote rifle too ) Then this one came along-Told her that was going to be my Yote rifle too. Now next 2 weeks i want to get the 7mm-08, what can i tell her that is for?. Yotes at a great distance?.
I started buying rifles late in life (47 yrs old ). So i have a long ways to go to catch up with most of you guys. I have purchased 5 this year alone,but still want more.

bman940-Thanks for the info on the program, will have to look it up and see what it's all about. Yes i agree with you on Savage. All 7 of my rifles are Savage now. I tried the rest and all of them shoot good,but to me Savage shoots the best. Personnel opinion i know but, each to there own.
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