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Hal, I'm not arguing with you here & I might be misunderstanding your post but who cares if the zoo people hunker. Many of the zoo employees are animal experts...others are just highschool or college kids, they're not trained for these type of emergencies plus by that time the child is history anyways. Sometimes one must realize that there is no time to wait for someone else. You kight have been just making an observation
No offfence taken & certainly no argument.

It's been my experience in life & BTW, it's also a view held by most safety personell. that untrained people, jumping into a situation they aren't trained to handle, simply make things worse.

In this case - a non-uniformed civilian firing a weapon - may do more harm than good.

In all honesty, I don't know - since I wasn't there.
It's a point that no one has mentioned so far.

I can't see where a non-uniformed civilian firing a gun in a public place could do much more than add confusion.
It's not like your wearing a big flashing neon sign that says "I'm a good guy just trying to help".

So far, from everything I've read, response time or lack of, hasn't been an issue.
That may change though.
If/when it does, I may change my take on it.

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