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So far I've never run across a revolver grip that my hand could not conform to for easy point shooting and greater ease in maintaining a sight picture in deliberate aimed fire.
My first centerfire handgun was a 1911A1, and I had no problem with it, but every other semi auto I've owned since then has required quite a bit of getting used to, and almost always hit low in instinctive point shooting even after years of getting used to.
The grip angle of the Luger might help solve the last issue, but I've never owned a real 9mm Luger, only the .22 Erma and the Ruger .22 that have similar grip angles.
My Ruger .22 autoloader was never as accurate as any of the full size revolvers I've owned, even the cheapest eurotrash revolvers.
A cheap small frame West German .22 with western style grip turned out to be one of the most accurate .22 handguns I've ever run across, and far more accurate than the Ruger.

The plow handle single action revolver grip seems to be the best all around grip, one that every human hand conforms to naturally.

A single action revolver, and many double action revolvers, can still be used effectively even if several internal parts are worn,broken or missing. The semi auto has passive safety features that should prevent effective use unless all parts are in working order.
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