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younggunz, multiple news articles said the child was clearly deceased after a minute or two, and certainly after they finally managed to call the all-but-one dogs away. Even if that's not accurate, it would take only moments for a cop to ask one of the zookeepers to shoot a tranquilizer dart at the dog rather than shoot it with bullets.
its pretty much common sense that this would be the case(not saying you are alluding to otherwise), and this is why I have stated from the onset immediate action was necessary. I was just stating DNS made a valid point(in my opinion) mainly due to the fact it would help avoid assumptions. I think when an active officer is on the scene this is an emergency situation, and he/she doesn't know specifics. He/She is one of the guys acting under the premise of staying focused and calm and that immediate action is necessary. Said officer isn't going to be asking a bystander if the child is deceased & if he doesn't have a tranquilizer then he is gonna use his firearm which is at the ready. The dog was deemed aggressive andor was SOL. I have no sympathy for the dog. I don't mean to seem harsh, but the dog was aggressive...if not others probably would've been shot as well. The officer made his way to the child and used deadly force with what was available to him.
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