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Personally, I am notably faster more accurate with the laser. I can aim a gun accurately with a laser without taking a full shooting stance.... shooting from the hip (as is necessary in many self defense situations). I can't do that with iron sights. Of course there is point shooting, but A laser is a heck of a lot more accurate than point shooting.

You believe that when the real deal happens that wasting time looking for a laser dot that isn't on the target, then randomly waving your firearm around trying to get a laser dot to appear on the target somehow improves your odds?
45: You probably have a lot of experience with iron sights... sounds like you are a lot better with them than me. I do practice with them a lot more than I do lasers, but I'm far better with the laser. We're all different. However, there is a flaw in your reasoning above. If someone points the gun so poorly that they can't get their laser dot near the target when taking a stance without waving it around, then their front sight probably won't be near the target either, and they will have to wave the gun around in order to find it. I can always find the laser dot and put it on target quicker than I can line my irons up for a six o'clock hold. Seems like the dude who won the day at the league with the LC9 didn't have to wave the gun around much either.
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