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Originally Posted by BarryLee
I know we’ve discussed the possibility before, but exactly what would be the procedure for a Government Agency to add new fees, record keeping or other restriction onto the purchase of firearms? Would it require the Legislative Branch or could it be done without their involvement?
To expand on Tom Servo's response, the answer to the question depends on the specific language in individual laws. Laws can range from very specific (i.e. "the Agency may charge an application fee of no more than $5.00") to very open-ended (i.e. ""the Agency may charge an application fee"). If a law is very specific, a federal agency can only do what the law specifies. If a law is more open-ended, a federal agency has flexibility to act within whatever limits (if any) are contained in the authority granted by the law.

Just as Tom pointed out about executive orders, federal agencies can only act within the boundaries of existing laws.
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