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Right but 12+1 is not 13+1. There is no 45 ACP that is 13+1 is there? I used to think capacity was king but the more and more I shoot and the longer I carry I have come to the realization that I am not in combat and I am very unlikely to find me self in a self defense situation where I have to defend myself where a few more rounds is going to make the difference.

I would wait a few months if not a year for the teething issues to get worked out. I wonder if this gun will hit the shelves before the P224...LOL
I used to think that when I carried my revolvers (and even a 22). But then I was younger and a lot quicker and much better shot!

The one gun fight I personally know of was a 44 mag vs a 45 acp (10 round ACP). The bad guy in the incident had the 44 mag. He landed 4 rounds if memory serve me right. The guy with the 45 ACP landed 8 and took him down.

Something to think about is that it also exposes the myth of the 44 mag being a one shot stopper. In this case it was not. While you never go with a single data set, it does fall in with the data that says 9mm is as good a 44 mag as hard as that is to believe (which I have come to be a believer)

So, numbers can count. Not always, but my take is its better to have it on tap and avialable if needed than to come up short. So I go with 9mm in decent capacity (15 + 1)
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