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Yes, PAX...

Yes, daughter has wanted to carry for a long time. She started shooting handguns with me when she was about 8 and goes to the range on her guys needed to help in her opinion...ha ha. She decided to get her CCW permit on her own...actually, she asked for the money to take the class and for the the application fee as an early birthday present. She did the leg work. And, when her CCW card came in the mail she could not wait to call me and tell me about it. I am a proud papa. ha ha

She is my little girl even at 5' 2"...guess I am still trying to protect her. What am I thinking. This is the same girl that goes jogging on mountain trails on her own, scheduled and paid for a study abroad class in Amman, Jordan on her own, scheduled and paid for a sky diving experience on her own, joined a boxing gym on her own, etc....hhmmmmmmmmm She seems to make some good personal enhancement decisions.
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