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thankyou. i took the but plat off and it apears to me as a epoxy finish. not sure wat a faux finish is? i google it but all i could find is like a finish for plastar and concrete. i talked to a guy at a local gunshop and told me it would jus be easyer to buy new stock and all from numerich. so i checked it out and there pretty salty. more than any ordinary mossberg or remington stock. im undecided if i should attemped it. im far from an expert, and think i got to big of a bit to chew. im gunna see if i can can get some help from a guy at work that has redon his sons 700 bdl. it looks dang close to the original finish. if it was me id buy a synthic stock and forend just becuase its a gun that is gunna be used for goose. but by dad loves the looks of wood and is very carful of keeping them looking nice. " thank for your help and advise. " if i redo it hopefully it turns out ok. if i fail at it ill buy new ones off line.
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