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Thanks. In all honesty the trigger situation is one that I've probably spent the least time thinking about. Kind of a major lack of forethought considering just how important that is to speed, accuracy, and safety. If you have any pro's and con's you've found with different types I'd be happy to hear them.

And as for carrying the 92, for one I'd really rather carry a round with a little more stopping power; it's only available in the 9mm version I own... But mainly I REALLY don't wanna lug that thing around inside my waistband all day. It's huge. Wide, long, tall, heavy... I LOVE it for the range and at home, but I spend a lot of time in shorts and a shirt, and a good amount of time in scrubs (I'm a nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit). The 92 would stick out like a sore thumb in most of the clothes I wear, and it would damn near drag a pair of scrubs to the ground. Thanks for the input. Love the gun, just not what I'm looking to carry.
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