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Well, its in. Not too bad at all. Had to take just a little off front stock retainer guide (front plastic) to fit snugly and then a little off the thickness of the rear barrel support (metal). Getting the trigger adjusted was the most difficult part. AK mags fit but had to notch a little bit of plastic at the bottom of the magwell to accept the drum. Not difficult but time consuming because I didnt want a hack job.

My trigger has already been redone with positive incline and highly polished mating surfaces. Trigger creep is slight but definately safe. Would have been nice if safety design stopped hammer instead of blocking trigger. And Murray spring firing pin was installed at the time of the trigger work.

Now its time to order some more parts. Halo sight, front grip, bi pod, muzzle brake, lazer, and flashlight. I am going to give a bit more thought to the sling and how to attach it without interfering. Also thinking about making some sort of butt pad for it.
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