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For those who are seduced by velocityitis.

I ran the numbers through an online trajectory computor comparing a light weight high velocity pellet to a heavy pellet.

The light pellet, a Beeman Laser weighing 6.5 grains and having a ballistic coefficient of .01

The heavy pellet, a JSB Exact Heavy weighing 10.3 grains and having a ballistic coefficient of .031

Muzzle velocitys:
light pellet 1200 fps
heavy pellet 950 fps
These are hypothetical velocitys chosen because they have about the same kinetic energy at the muzzle.

light pellet
muzzle vel 1200 fps 20.8 ft-lb energy
25 yard vel 728 fps 7.7 ft-lb
50 yard vel 514 fps 3.8 ft-lb

heavy pellet
muzzle vel 950 fps 20.6 ft-lb
25 yard vel 826 fps 15.6 ft-lb
50 yard vel 733 fps 12.3 ft-lb

50 yard drop sighted in at 25 yards zero
light fast pellet -6.2 inches
heavy slow pellet -4 inches

wind drift in a 2 mph crosswind at 50 yards
light fast pellet 3.8 inches
heavy slow pellet 1 inch
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