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I shoot Berger 155 gr. VLD's out of my 300 WM with excellent results. When I am having a good day, it will group under .5 MOA. Bergers are very sensitive to seating depth and you may want to try different seating depths before giving up. Most people recommend having the bullet in contact with the lands but this is always not possible especially with lighter bullets. They also can perform effectively with a bit of jump and there is an excellent article on Berger's website explaining how to do so. You may want to try their hybrid bullets which are reported not to be as sensitive to seating depth. Also you may want to experiment with different powders since and may have an impact as well. I tried several different powders in my rifle and settled on IMR 4350. Only adjust one variable at a time otherwise you will have difficulty ascertaining which variable provides the best results.
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