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I really like mine a lot. Yes, I agree it is made very well. It has almost the same feel as my Walther PPS 9mm (which I really like a lot as well). I have shot about 150rds (both FMJs and JHPs) thru my XDS already. I only had a few FTFs (feed) at first, but has been flawless the last 100rds or so. I like shooting it with the extended 7rd mags with their adapter sleeves off (they feel kinda annoying to me in my hand with the sleeves on them). Great gun for conceal carry for sure (I use a Kydex IWB holster with it).

I tried a XDS mag in one of my 1911s this evening and sure enough it is both slightly too wide and slightly too long (front to back) to enter into the 1911's mag well. I then took a 1911 mag (a kimber mag) and it fits in the XDS' mag well with no problems at all. Of course with just a tad bit of play both side to side and front to back. If a XDS mag catch hole could be cut into the 1911 mag, I suppose it would stay locked in the mag well, but I would definitely only use that mag as a strict range only mag. I would not trust a modified 1911 mag in the XDS for defensive purposes. Hope this helps.
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