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IDK about this pellet guns being illegal in cities bt. Maybe on the coasts, but in the MidWestern suburbia it isn't the case. I can shoot a crossbow in my yard and I just face civil liability for damage.

I bought a GAMO rifle at around that price. Supposed to be 1200 with the copper pellets and 1000 with lead. I don't think it ever came close. I have read a few place you can expect about the 5th shot the rifle makes to hit that claimed velocity and then pretty quickly it settles about 20% below. Not sure if that is true or not. I wanted mine for squirrel hunting and it is not suitable for the purpose.

Accuracy is not great. At about 20 meters I can shoot a 2-3 inch group off hand pretty easily. The rifle DEFINITELY bounces around as all springers supposedly do. Not sure if it is worse than normal or not. It is not accurate enough that I use it for practice.

I saw a clerk at walmart pull a springer out and dryfire it several times for a customer to see, so who knows what happens to them before you get them. I didn't buy mine at the local walmart after witnessing that instead waiting until I made the yearly black Friday trip to Cabela's.
I considered sending it back to the company to have them overlook it once. From what I read online the performance I received isn't really outside the norm for high velocity springers though.

I wished I'd waited and paid the $500+ for a PCP rifle when I had the money. Crossman has one that goes on an AR lower I think.
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