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280 Rem / 7400

I have a 280 Rem in a 7400 format and two 7x57 mausers, I shot a 7mm Rem Mag when I was thirteen and it knocked me off the bench
(I weighed 95# at the time) everybody got a kick out of that !! (forgive the pun),
I haven't shot a magnum rifle since. That was almost 40 years ago. My 280 will kill as far as I'll ever shoot, so will the 7mm mauser for that matter.
That 7400 is amazingly accurate (1" @ 100) and the trigger is not bad, 300-400 yards is enough for me, and less recoil is always better in my opinion.
Never shot 7-08, but then I like older cartridges like 300 Savage, 8mm mauser, 30-06, 6.5x55, etc .... all my guns and cartridges are proven killers.
I reload all my ammo, and bullet selection in 7mm is astounding! from groundhogs to moose, the 280 Rem can do it all, within it's limitations of course.

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