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In the Sierra line, I have used 150-grain soft-points, both flat-base and boat-tail. 165-grains, HPBT. 180-grain, SPBT.

All gave sub-MOA groups, regularly. Reliably.

I mostly used the 150s in my deer hunting. I made one bad hit on a buck and lost him via a setting sun in the scope at 4X. I hit one running buck a bit far back and needed a finishing shot. Otherwise, it was bang/whop/flop on a tad over twenty bucks. Some exit wounds; sometimes none. But if they go flop, what difference does it make?

Ranges from 25 to 450 yards, but mostly around 100 to 200 yards.

Another couple of dozen bucks with my .243, using the Sierra 85-grain HPBT, which is also a tack-driving load.
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