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Getting comfortable with the Glock 30

We all choose CCW firearms based on a wide variety of experiences and beliefs. Caliber size, concealability, body size, wardrobe style and stopping power are a few. There are no doubt more.

My full sized firearm of choice is the Glock 21 I purchased 20 years ago. I am a former USCG Boarding officer and became very comfortable with the Colt 1911. As dependable a weapon as there ever has been with over 100 years of military service.

So reliability was an important factor for me. Of course Glocks excel in that area. Stopping power was second on the list. A dependable firearm without the knock down power of a high speed flying brick seems unwise. After all, shooting someone twice is just silly.

With the advantage of 14 rounds I'd found it all in the Glock 21 EXCEPT concealability. Yes, in the winter it's fairly easy with heavier clothing but riding in my truck it's just not as uncomfortable as I liked.

I wanted a smaller CCW but did not want to give up all the positive attributes of the G21.

In steps the Glock 30. An inch shorter in length and height. The same caliber and only a loss of three rounds (it carries 11 fully loaded). It wears well, and conceals very well. I'm comfortable when sitting in a vehicle, and I lose very little of the things I love about the G21. With little difference at the range. I cannot express my satisfaction with the positive aspects this CCW brings to the table enough.

Need a .45 that brings it all??? Check out the Glock 30 SF. It even takes the longer mag of the Glock 21 so I can leave an extra G21 mag in the consol of the truck. Some call the .45 pistol a pumpkin chucker.
Ever been hit with a high speed lead pumpkin???

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