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Thanks WillyKern. I appreciate the input. I'll have to look that up.

And TunnelRat, I did not take offense to anything you had to say (or many others). I simply made it clear that I had shot a few firearms in .40 and a few others in many other calibers, and that recoil is something that I have found not to be an issue. I then redirected the thread toward it's original topic.

I also did not take offense to JimDandy's post. I just asked him not to post at all if he had nothing helpful to say. Please read my original post and let me know how his response was meant to be helpful in my decision making process at all.

If it makes you feel any better he didn't list any of the pistols with enough quality they can charge full price for either, like my 1911.
I simply prefer threads that I keep up with (especially threads that I start because I'm looking for specific information that can only be garnered by asking a community of people with expertise in the field) to be neat, concise, and on-topic. Other posts about what caliber I want to fire, their perceived recoil, and why I chose them did not address what I was asking. I simply responded to those briefly and asked to stay on topic. JimDandy's post seriously added nothing of value to the conversation at all (nothing personal against him) and I directed a comment to him asking him to either: A.) Elaborate on his comment so that it actually contributes to the original purpose of the thread; or B.) Not make posts on the thread that add nothing of worth to the discussion at hand.

After re-reading my post I see that it would be easy to read sarcasm into some of the things I said, but sarcasm (or defensiveness) was honestly not intended. The honest and concise exchange of information and the request for the same in return were all that was intended.
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