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Never Seen This Before...Have You?

Today I helped my father in-law with sighting in his pump action Mossberg 12 gauge [not sure of the model]. I was seated, and shooting from a makeshift rest. I quickly noticed something fairly disconcerting: At every shot, the bolt would slam all the way to the rear, just as if I'd begun the process of chambering another round. Problem was, at no time during the firing was my support hand grabbing the forearm of the gun! I double-checked to be sure that none of the fingers on my shooting hand were hitting the bolt release latch behind the trigger guard, and of course I made sure the bolt was all the way forward and locked before shooting. To no avail; every shot from that pump action shotgun would slam the bolt to the rear and kick out the empty shell! After 4 shots, I told my father in-law that I didn't think this was safe, and we put it aside. He did say that in all the years he's had that gun, nothing like this has ever happened. Looks like a trip to the gunsmith is in order. Still...has anyone ever seen this before, and what do you suppose the issue is?
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