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Originally Posted by bulletproof View Post
damd, i just posted a long reply and it told me I was not logged in, when I know I certainly was logged in. So, now I lost my long post, and don't have time to redo it! Why does it do that?

I'll just say that the TRS dot in the sight looks a lot like a cluster of grapes, and cranked up to about 9, 10, & especially 11, it has a red haze all around the dot, kinda like a slow motion sneeze with red particles around the dot. Sure don't like that.

Haven't had chance to try Bushnell Bore sighter. More later.
I usually turn mine to 2 or 3. Indoors I haven't seen a need to go higher. That said, I agree it doesn't look sharp except maybe at lowest power, but I assume that's what we get for $80.

I'm dying to try a nice reflex or holo or red dot sight.

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