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In your price range the 11-87 is probably the best buy. Maybe the Winchester, I've heard good things, just no personal experience. I've owned several 1100's and 1187's in the past with no problems, but they are no longer my 1st choice. Not because they are bad guns, but I've found other designs I prefer. The Remingtons are based on a nearly 50 year old design, and there are more modern guns with features I prefer.

The Walmart Beretta is good choice for the money. You might find a lightly used Beretta 390 or 391 in your price range. My prefernce is the Benelli M-1/M-2. When Benelli upgraded to the M-2 over the M-1 a few years ago I ran across a guy who wanted the newer M-2 and sold me a 6 month old M-1 for about 1/2 what the newer guns were selling for. Well under your $1,000 budget. Within a year I sold two 11-87's and a Beretta 390. All 3 were good guns, but after about a year with the Benelli I knew they would never be used again and only collect dust.
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