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Quote: it a good stand alone 22LR pistol aside from being a training compliment to the full size?
IMHO yes, but with a few caveats.

I've shot one. It was very accurate and had a reasonably good trigger. The fact that it operates the same way as a centerfire M&P was also nice.

That said, IMHO the trigger wasn't as good as a Ruger Mk-series or a Buckmark, and the sights weren't as good either. Also, as with many .22LR M1911 lookalikes, the pistol is very light and doesn't "hang" on target like a Mk-series or Buckmark, or like the "Real Thing" for that matter. (The M&P22's unloaded weight is very close to an M&P9, 40, or 357, but it doesn't weight nearly as much when it's loaded, and IMHO the difference is noticeable under most conditions.)
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