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John,the tower stand is quite easy to set up,it takes 6 bolts to put the stand together and about 10 min. or less. So for me the tower stand does make sense for a weekend hunt

The stands breaks down to four parts,the seat/shooting rest,the front ladder,and 2 rear legs.All of the braces stay on the legs when taken a part for transport or storage.

The seat/shooting rest is built from angle iron for the seat frame and plywood for the seat and back,the shooting rest is built from 3/4 steel conduit with armaflex around the conduit.The seat swivel,bolts to the wood seat and onto the steel plate seat base which is the same size as the top of a ladder,on the bottom of the steel plate are 4 square tubes appx 8" long mitered and welded to the plate where the ladder and legs slide together.

The 4 square tubes on the seat plate is where the 2 legs and ladder slide together.
The ladder's built from 1" steel channel and the end of the ladder slides into 1 1/8" square channel mitered and welded to the seat plate and the ladder rungs are built from rebar.The rear legs are built from 1 1/8" steel channel and slides over 2- 1" steel channels again mitered and welded to the seat plate. The side braces holding the tripod from spreading are made from 3/4" conduit and this is where the 6 bolts are used.
When we designed and built the tripods,we figured 8' between each of the legs and ladder for stability which was accomplished with the mitered steel channels that are welded to the seat plate where the legs and ladder slide together.
We also built some blind covers that wrap around the hunter for concealment,it's built from 1" pvc pipe for the frame then wrapped with a camo cloth.
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